It Cranks!!!!!

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Jan 30, 2003
Jupiter, Florida
IT Really RUNS!

At 6:15 yesterday evening (3/29/04) the Duce came to life!!!

We very carefully poured in 5 gallons of vintage '04 100LL (with proper ground straps, might I add!), ran the various pumps, primed the primer system.

We had the tail tied to a tree, chocks in place, area cleared of FOD.

Hooked up the battery, engaged the Master, and turned the key.

Absolute silence!!

Bob had hooked the starter solenoid to the wrong terminal, and it took all of about 30 seconds to correct this.

So, with Bob on the fire extinguisher, Mark checking for leaks, Trevor just watching, we commenced again.

Took about 10 sec. of cranking to get fuel from the Aero-Carb up to the cylinders, and WE HAVE IGNITION!!!

The engine, a Lyc. O-290-D, was built in March, 1953. Yes, the engine is 51 years old. It was in perfect condition (run-in time only), but we still took the time and money to go through it completely, and had it balanced.

So - the engine fired - idles at 1200, with a LOT of power! I was really surprised at how much wind it produced a just a fast idle.

We did have a leak at the fuel pressure regulator, which will be easily fixed. And I have to adjust the throw on mixture and throttle just a bit.

But oil pressure was steady at 60 psi, temp 175, EGT at 900, and CHT at 300. Not bad for a first go.

And - this airplane is the prettiest one I've ever built! Stearman colors, with the blue fuselage, yellow wing, and a nice white diagonal stripe from the front of the turtle deck. If my ex ever gives me back the digital camera, I'll be proud to post a picture.

With the Thrustmaster muffler, the engine is really nice sounding. We had no trouble talking to each other over the dull roar.

Now - ya'll go fire up yours. Except John Slade. I inspected his Cozy the other day, just prior to FAA DAR, and he has done a great job. Unfortunately, he has one of those Mazda engines in it, and I can't stand to hear them run.
BTW - John has warning/indicator light diods for EVERYTHING, and a talking box (bitching betty) besides. That guy do love his avionics!

More later -