Intermittent Outages


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Aug 6, 2002
I just wanted to say thanks for being patient with all of the outages that the site has had the last few days. Below is the email that I was sent from my hosting company today (Feb 3rd, 2003). It details some reasons for the outages. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Now that I know some more information, let me fill you in on what happened to date with the server.

1. There was an upgrade on Friday night that didn't go too well. The network people had some issues getting everything to work properly. It was resolved within a few hours.

2. Approximately Saturday morning 7am there was a power failure that effected the data center. The backup generator did kick in but did not come up to full load capacity. This is still being investigated.

3. Sunday night around 8pm, there was a Denial of Service Attack on NAC (Datacenter) This was blocked within about 30-60 minutes

4. Around noon on Monday, there was a failure of the link between the floor we are on and the core of the data center. This was related to the installation/upgrade in #1. The link was removed and a backup link (slower) was activated. The network is continued on this link for the balance of the day, with slightly less performance.

5. New fiber between our floor and the core was tested.

6. They are now working to re-implement the connection in #1. There are/will continue to be some brief hiccups until this gets worked out.

I am sorry for the difficulties, but this is what I know at the time.


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Oct 22, 2002
Pacific NW, USA!
Well, the saga continues. Although the server HBA resides on is rock solid the network it is connected to is still having issues. I've been in contact with the hosting company and have given them "constructive criticism" and let them know that a stable network is a non-negotiable necessity. Unfortunately, the continuing outages seem to plague us during the busiest time of the day and evening. I apologize for the inconvenience and annoyance this may have caused some of you. I am resolved to get this fixed as soon as possible.