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Airplane For Sale Interest in Vari-Eze Projects?

Victor Bravo

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Jul 30, 2014
KWHP, Los Angeles CA, USA
Our EAA chapter has just been presented with an opportunity to acquire two Vari-Ezes. I have not had a close look at them yet, no photos taken yet, no numerical data. What I do know is that both airframes are complete and have flown safely, they are not crappy but not Gold Lindy winners either.

We actually have engines that were previously donated, which we can now "pair" with these Eze's to create "complete" easy-finish projects. One will come with a Continental PE-90 GPU engine (not yet converted) and one of them will come with an O-235 C 115HP airplane engine.

This posting is to see if there is any initial interest in them by HBA members. I'm not asking for any checks to be sent, or hands to be shaken, this is just to see if there is potential interest. We haven't even looked at the instruments and radios, equipment, etc. so we haven't even decided on a price for either yet.
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