Interest in Barnstormers Scraping Bot


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May 10, 2018
North Texas / South Bay
Hi All,

I'm in the process of looking for a few things to purchase second-hand on Barnstormers, so I wrote a bot to scrape a few search terms every hour and email me if there's anything new.
However, I'm not going to distribute the code because I am worried that someone is going to change it to scrape every minute and Barnstormers will block us :)

That said, I'm only using a minuscule amount of my allotted free-tier API calls every month.
MailGun allows up to 5 email addresses for the free tier.
If you are interested (or know someone who would be interested) in opting into these emails, I would greatly appreciate it if you reached out.
I would really appreciate a small donation if I do help you find something so that I can afford to buy an engine sooner.
Note that there are a few individuals who I regularly see buy/sell on Barnstormers; they are not eligible.

I have not written the layer to separate for individuals, but it should only take me 1-2 evenings after work.
I will also have to add an unsubscribe button in the generated emails.
Happy to talk privately about it if anyone is curious about how it works.
Send me a PM.