Installing a "bitchin betty" voice annunciator

Discussion in 'Instruments / Avionics / Electrical System' started by John Slade, Feb 6, 2003.

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    John Slade

    John Slade

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    Jan 5, 2003
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    I've just finished installing my voice annunciator. I'm so impressed with the quality, simplicity and value for money that I thought I'd mention it in case other builders were considering one of these neat little gizmos.

    I got the unit from Cozy Builder, Rick Lewis who's listed in the Cozy newsletter and demoed it one time at a Cozy dinner. For a little less than $200 I got a prefabricated unit with the sensors and modules for low voltage detection, oil pressure and egt. I was programming my own messages within 30 minutes of receiving the box.

    This 3 * 2 box holds 8 high quality 16 second messages which you invoke by grounding one of eight wires. It has a built in mike, and plays through the headset or a speaker. A five minute system mute button is also provided.

    More details, contact info for Rick and a picture can be found at

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