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Discussion in 'Hangar Flying' started by Kyle Boatright, Mar 27, 2018.

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    Kyle Boatright

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    On Saturday, I ordered about $400 in oil, filters, camguard, etc and drove down to Aircraft Spruce East to pick it up. While I was waiting, I surveyed their "scratch and dent" section and did pretty well for myself.

    From the scratch and dent section, I bought 3 "gallon" jugs of Phillips 20/50 that had tipped over and leaked a little oil. I'd guess each jug contains 3 quarts of oil. Each gallon, err... 3 quarts...cost <$6. I also bought two tubes of Aeroshell #5 grease for $1.95/ea and a quart of Evercoat filler for $6.95.

    Man, I saved a bunch!! ;-)

    They also had a cable tensiometer on the scratch and dent pile. I should have bought it.
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