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Sep 3, 2021
V.B. I went back and read your original post and I really don't see anything out of line. You commented (factually) about the ACTUAL value vs the "invested" value. You invited the "seller" to compare other aircraft of similar value. And you asked the important question of exactly what category the aircraft was in.
I am involved on a few other forums. On one of those forums we often see people wanting / trying to sell vehicles for way above what they are worth. Those of us who are knowledgable often advise the seller that they are out of range. Some take offense, some take note.
Thank you for the contributions that you DO make to this forum. Dennis
Jul 16, 2019
Sometimes experience and knowledge , if used in a know it all format , can be appeared as a Turd without wings . I have felt exactly what the Original poster here is feeling . I'm sure he didn't expect to have his hair set on fire and walk away unwanted . That is certainly is not what forums are meant to be like . I personally have no interest in the type of aircraft that he's trying to find a home for but there are several out there that might have answered his post in a positive manner . Maybe not now . Think about it .


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Oct 7, 2013
97FL, Florida, USA
can be appeared as a Turd without wings .
Turd is a long time, well respected participant here. Pretty sure that he has wings.
I have felt exactly what the Original poster here is feeling .
Most of us have posted things that others have, rightly, taken pot shots at. I encourage the OP to get over it, stick around, and get to know some of the old regulars and newbies here. Its a tough crowd, but the range of knowledge and relevant experience is amazing. Especially VB, in areas totally unrelated to HBA.

I prefer the blunt honesty found on this forum over subtle comments elsewhere that satisfy Emily Post.



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Apr 7, 2020
Most of me is in IL but my hearts in Alaska
Contact me through a PM for further details.
Why ? What are you trying to hide?
Edited to add sorry I was late to the party I didn’t realize that Had been covered.
This is addressed of the world Natile P but I find it aggravating when somebody starts a thread with the interest of everyone and then makes all the responses private.
Why should each of us have to p.m. someone to drag the details out of them?
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Victor Bravo

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Jul 30, 2014
KWHP, Los Angeles CA, USA
The cost of parts, the cost of construction, or what someone previously paid for it (a car, an airplane, a computer, a cell phone) has precisely zero effect on the market value or the value to a potential buyer five minutes later.

Although it is not really my place to say, and I'm admittedly not a potential buyer for this, I urge you to have a look at what $25K will buy someone in the market today, and see what the Ultracruiser's "value proposition" is compared to those other choices.

Also, what category of airplane is this? Is this an Experimental-Amateur Built or is it a Part 103 Ultralight? If it is an E-AB, I can't see an N number on the airplane, and any buyer would have that handicap to deal with. If it's a art 103 UL, then how did you get all those upgrades and color and instruments in it without exceeding the 103 weight limit?
My post referenced above is (apparently) what caused some or all of this commotion. With the exception of the first sentence, where I certainly could have used a different phrase than "precisely zero", I'm not seeing anything that could legitimately be considered offensive, a "pi$$ing contest", or demanding that anybody conform to my idea of reality.

An apology was offered to the OP, even if there had not been anything seriously offensive or abrasive.

But isn't politeness, restraint, consideration, "inclusion" and cancel culture a two-way street?

I mean, old-school or common-core new-school, pick which one you want, and then do unto others as you would chastise them to do unto you.