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LPB in Mississippi

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Jun 9, 2021
in 2006 I purchased a large number of components from Hummel Aviation with every intent of finishing a Hummelbird. Unfortunately life had me so busy I never even opened the shipping boxes. Now, fifteen years later, I need the room in my garage more than I need the parts so I am offering them at a fire sale price. what I have is:

All the welded components. This includes the landing gear (tricycle), engine mount and controls.
The Bulkheads.
Wing Ribs.
Fuel Tank
Wheels and Brakes - The tires are so old they should be replaced.
Various bushings and small parts.
Plans with the construction book.

The biggest thing is I also have a set of wing root fairings hand-hammered by Morry Hummel personally.

I have roughly $4500 in them but to get them out of my way I want $2500. You will have to cover shipping.

The boxes are still sealed from the day I got them so all that will be needed is putting a new shipping label and handing them to the courier.

I will happily answer all questions.