How's this look - sport touring kr1.5

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Jun 25, 2014
Still fighting the cockpit and canopy area, there's gotta be an easier way to model that.

30" wide KR2, stretched out as if I'd followed the 'new' normal of uncut 14' longerons. And may have borrowed a *Cough* few lines off Cory birds symmetry (scaled to 115% vertical). Like symmetry there's room behind the pilot - jump seat for smaller stature passenger(?)

Basically kept KR2 dimensions , on WL, FS, angles, AS5048 to AS5045 airfoil. V/Hstab same area as kr2, different profile. Pretty sure I've got the dihedral (ok polyhedral) wrong, looks excessive. Need to get a proper set of kr2 plans (don't have a full set of wing plans), looks like nvaero is back online so I'll need to call.

OpenVSP, roncz and raymers puts it at a 190mph cruise on 100hp, they're a bit more spread on top speed 210-225. Looks like as good as I'm going to get without moving to a 150+hp engine.

Thinking rutan monolithic slab outers. If I calculate right, that's 30lbs weight savings right there over 'typical' kr2 wing construction on the outer panels. Need to look more at, wingroot/stub - fuel there - thinking custom aluminum tanks within.

Fuselage - still thinking monolithic slab without the monolithic.
That was the makerplane fuselage. Am I nuts thinking I can use this method, skin it and treat it as a monolithic slab? Self jigging tab into notch. Already have a 4 axis cnc hotwire, half the reason I like this method.

Need to do some test layups I guess, figure out minimum thickness on the sheeting to make it solid.