how much bondo?

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Apr 28, 2010
Memphis, TN
Is “Bondo” used on certified airplanes, yes. Is “microballons” or some such used on certified airplanes, yes. Both sides are getting a little holier than thou. Both have time and space. Each is spelled out by the factory. This is a snob fight right now.

I will also say that the homebuilt world or perfectionism where every plane is so good that the Smithsonian is knocking on your door is only about 20 years old. Look at old homebuilt planes and they looked home built. Even the Lindys. If one doesn’t think a DB4 wing joints have never been filled with bondo or a EZ, well they have. Are they the best example? Who knows. Go cut the wing up to see. It was always a game where someone tried their best, not a game of perfection. It’s great to talk about better techniques, it’s not supposed to be me better you not.


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Jan 1, 2013
Perfectionism is the enemy of completion. Hit the happy medium that suits you.
When Dallas and I was built the Bearhawks, Dallas is a perfectionist, me, not so much. Dallas was trying to get the measurements of the tubing in the fuselage within 1/64". Taking forever to get anything done. One day Bob Barrows stopped by and I ask Bob how close should we get on the measurement of the tubing in the fuselage ? He said 1/4" is close enough. Dallas couldn't believe it.
I spent 2 years and a lot of money making the last C-172 that I restored as perfect as possible. It was to nice to fly off a grass field. Fly it , land and spent an hour or two cleaning it up to perfection again. Not again. Sold it to a museum in Berlin, Germany.
The reason I built the SSSC and painted it with a roller. Now I can fly when the field was wet and muddy and mud would sling up under the wings from the wheels and I don't care, I get to fly.