How important is historic authenticity vs aerodynamics in a historic inspired design?

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J.L. Frusha

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Feb 17, 2006
Luling, Texas
The inspiration for the ultralight I am trying to design and build is the Curtiss-Stinson Special, a special-order custom plane for Ms. Katherine Stinson (The Flying Schoolgirl).

The original had the fuselage of a Curtiss S-3 Speed Scout, two sets of the lower wings and the tailfeathers of a Curtiss JN4 'Jenny'.

For simplicities sake, I am already deviating to go without the flying wires, though I plan to keep the control horns and their bracing cables.

Thing is, in my biplane research, I have come across papers that show improved lift and reduced drag, using a swept upper wing, similar to the Pitts Special.

Poll here--> How important is authenticity when a design inspired by a classic airplane?

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