How about a UL Buhl Pup replica?

Tiger Tim

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Apr 26, 2013
Thunder Bay
I’m not sure anything will come of it, but I enjoyed a previous UL design thread I started for my own education and I want to do it again. At this point I’m just looking to learn things and spend some time without spending money on layovers at work. I figure in this thread all my books will once again be open to all in case anyone wants to double check my figures or take the ball and run in their own direction with it.

So why a Buhl Pup? Well, I like them and I think one would be neat. There are projects out there that could probably be made available but I want to design something so why not? It’s a classic design, looks simple enough, and as a bonus it’s one of the only mid or low wing designs from the era that has anything resembling a rollover structure.


I want to start by studying the similarities and differences between other existing airplanes with that rough configuration and performance to see if the thing even looks feasible. I don’t have Raymer’s book in my hands right this instant but IIRC that’s where he starts. Call it benchmarking, a feasibility study, or simply a reality check. I’ve started a table in my notebook covering various parameters of the original Buhl Pup, Minimax UL (successful braced shoulder wing), Hummel Ultra Cruiser (has that comparable aluminum can fuselage), output of the FAA 103 Appendices (to check the honesty of other ULs studied), and my own goals.

Are there any other comparable airplanes that should be added to that list? I seem to remember Matt posting a light, reasonably modern French(?) plane a little while back that was a wire braced midwing but can’t find it again. Anyways don’t be afraid to post anything in this thread, it’s all for learning after all.