Honda Civic (Turbo) Powered RV6A 100hrs flying and counting.....


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Feb 19, 2019
Magnolia KY
As the title of the thread states, I built and now I am flying an RV6A that is powered by a Honda Civic 1.8L engine. I also installed a turbo on it. I have 100 hours flying it. So far I have not had any major problems. I have the project well document on Vans Airforce dot net since the beginning, (that now has over 203,000 views) but I thought it there may be some over here on HBA that would find this project interesting.

I know the question that almost everyone wants to ask.....How fast does it fly? I have to state that speed was never an important goal in my mind when deciding on this build. It is worth noting that I currently have oversized 6.00 tires, no wheel pants, or even leg fairings, a fixed pitch warp drive prop, and of course a radiator slung in the, all that said, I can cruise at 150 5000rpm and 3 lbs of boost.

I created several short videos on youtube. Just search under "Honda Powered RV6A..)

I have had a ton of fun with this. I was living in Washington State and flew it to KY last December. I am seriously itching to build again but this time a STOL plane...

Here are a few pics....

Charlie Rosenzweig
Magnolia KY.


  • N327WC front side view Nov 21 at M20.jpg
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