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Parts For Sale HKS-700 Manuals & Technical Info

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Well-Known Member
Oct 20, 2014
Independence, Missouri / USA
Cleaning out my shop - I have printed copies of the following in two separate binders:
HKS700T Operations Manual
HKS700T Installation Instructions Manual
HKS700E Service Bulletins
HKS Engine Misc. Detail Sheets
HKS Exhaust System Detail Sheets
HKS700E Parts List
HKS700E Installation Instructions Manual
HKS700E Operations Manual
HKS700E Service Manual
HKS700E Technical Information Sheets
Treadstone Performance Engineering Core Selection Technical Sheets

$20 plus the cost of shipping --- figured someone might be able to use this material. PM me - I don't use paypal but USPS MO's are fine. Thanks