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Hirth 2702 (40hp)

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Brian Clayton

Well-Known Member
Dec 7, 2012
Ivey, Ga and Centerville,Tn
Selling the hirth 2702 I had on my UL. Figured I would try here before I auction it off. Older 2702, runs good but needs seals. Cranks right up in 2-3 pulls cold and runs great, but oils the sprag on the pull start after about 30 minutes of run time. Gearbox was the older g27, and I have already gotten rid of it. I have the engine, exhaust manifold, intake, ignition (dual) and carb (single mikuni), pull start and alum free air scoop. Ignition and charging system both work. I bought it as a 150tt engine. Looks like it has been in a accident at some point, one of the mounting bosses on the bottom has a crack (confined to boss and not case) and the exhaust manifold is a bit bent up. Make me a offer or interesting aircraft related trade. PM if interested