Help with a Kawasaki


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Sep 19, 2011
74FL Monticello FL.
Have Kawasaki 440A in a Dream Classic strut.
I was doing ground testing, the jetting was spot on, by EGT/CHT gauges.
Was starting hop testing, Getting 6250rpm ground on run up.
Went to go an died off would not make more than 2850rpm.
Hmm I get new plugs again, so I push back to hanger, and install plugs,
and try it while still hot, starts up but still won't more than 2850rpm.
Wait till next morning, fires right up, runs like a champ! 6250 rpm
I'm thinking maybe a coil opened up when it got run long enough to get hot.

I don't have a manual, so anybody know these motors ??
any help would be great thanks