Hello from Los Angeles


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Jul 6, 2022
Los Angeles
I'm glad I found this forum. I'm a locksmith by trade but my true passion is engineering. One of my lifetime goals is to own a small helicopter. I love the idea of building my own ultralight single seat helicopter. I think I have the proper aptitude to build something like this, I'm very handy, have good background in MIG welding, gunsmithing built several firearms from scratch), machine shop bth CNC and manual operation mills, lathes etc etc.

So anyway, I'm very interested in a single seat helicopter everything is still in the brainstorming portion I love the idea of cannibalizing a Yamaha Fuel injected engine from either a wrecked snowmobile or a bike that way I'd have the engine, intrument panel, radiator and some other useful parts like a gas tank, fuel pump and key ignition I could recycle. I'm still hazy on the differences between avaiation grade engines and street grade. I understand they are "de-tuned" to have their HP lowered but, I'm unsure what that means; how are they being modified exactly.