Gone For Good


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Oct 17, 2010
Gallup, New Mexico USA
Politics influences all that we do, and even the influences governing our flying bugs. I've enjoyed being a member of this group, but I can build my plane without it... just fine. I've also been here for the friendship and even some of the arguments that help us make decisions and open our minds... it has not been (YAAAAAAWWWWWNNNN) about the best way to mix T-88. I got that one under control. Or how to make a scarf joint... yep. Rules are needed yadda yadda... HBA is supposed to be a community, community means sharing ideas and exist in all forms including political discourse... what HBA has needed is an area where this could be addressed aside from how can we re-invent a rudder, over and over and over. I don't believe in censorship... and I don't like walking on eggshells. So that said, today is my last HBA day. I'm sure no hearts will be broken. I would appreciate allowing this thread to remain open till the end of the day so that anyone who wants to can PM me for my email address for future conversations.

There are some folks I'd like to stay in touch with.