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Airplane For Sale Glass Goose amphibian for sale

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New Member
Apr 10, 2022
This project is a a Quikit Glass Goose purchased and started in the late 90s. It is a two place, composite amphibian pusher. The majority of the fuselage tasks were performed by an experienced engineer and builder. The work has extensive photo documentation and two EAA technical counselor inspections. The primary builder has passed away, so this project needs a good home.

The fuselage is approximately 95% complete, with the tail and scuppers not yet attached, to allow for road transportation. The bottom of the main fuselage and lower wing are in finish paint to minimize “upside down” work. All of the control mechanisms and control surfaces have been fitted, pending final hardware and balancing after painting.

The engine is a six port Mazda Renesis 240 hp rotary from a (then) new RX-8. The engine was converted to an aviation version by Bruce Turrentine of North Carolina. The intake, exhaust, custom oil pan and engine mounts were designed by Paul Lamar. The reduction Drive and engine controller are from real world solutions. The engine has been kept oiled but has never been run.

The brakes and landing gear hydraulics are installed, including the basic gear electrical wiring. The original heel brakes have been converted to toe brakes. The gear was recently swung. All of the required wing, NAV, pitot, etc. wiring have been run. There is no panel or interior.

Contact Scott [email protected]


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Active Member
Oct 26, 2021
Eastern Tennessee
Forgot to ask, where is the aircraft located and do the wings disassemble from the fuselage for transport? Is there a cowling fiberglass andassembly that go over the engine assembly and does the project come with the original plans/reference material.