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FOR SALE: Ballistic Recovery System (BRS1800)

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Dec 31, 2010
Spokane, WA
FOR SALE: BRS6-1800 Softpack Ballistic Recovery System. Never installed. All components included.
Same parachute and rocket system used in the RV-6/7/9 BRS but without the RV-specific mounting assembly. Can be modified to fit an RV or any other aircraft requiring an 1800 lb capacity chute. Approx. 40lb installed weight.
Asking $8000 including required chute repack. Rocket good until July 2023 (then $1500 for another 12 years)
Can ship chute, but rocket cannot go via common carrier. In person transfer must be arranged.
System currently located in Spokane, WA.

Photos here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/Z2zUxc
Contact: 97oh-ate46-ate799 or [email protected]