Flywheel drive VW engine mount

Mike von S.

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Feb 4, 2021
Here are two views of my flywheel-forward engine mount for my Flitzer biplane. I am working to finish the welds (TIG).
This design is something of a hybrid between Bob Hoover's and Bruce King's (offered at one time by Great Plains) designs, modified with the addition of 2 firewall center mounting points, which take advantage of the fact that the Flitzer firewall includes two vertical support members. As light aerobatics are planned, this additional stiffening seems wise. Hoover's design was a pure bed-mount. King modified the geometry somewhat to suit the cowl dimensions of his BK1.3, and subsequently added retrofittable braces connecting the firewall to the upper (forward, in this configuration) bell-housing, both sides. In this design they are tied together as a unit, visible in the pics.
The six vibration isolators are patterned closely after Pops' design, which he kindly shared here in an earlier thread.
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