Flaglor Scooter ?


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May 3, 2014
Piny Woods, Tx
"Honey, have you seen my big metal salad bowl lately? I saw you walking toward the garage with it last week and I haven't seen it since... I wonder what could have happened to it???"
Didn't the Avid Catalina use a basketball as both nosecone and dock bumper? Put in place flat, and inflated to hold? I can see that working as a mold too, lol


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Feb 13, 2010
Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA
I am having some fun kicking around the idea of little plane inspired by the Scooter designed around a 35 hp industrial V-twin with an Ace redrive. I am thinking aluminum-tube-and-gusset fuselage and tail and possibly still wood wings all covered in Oratex. Here's what they LAA performance spreadsheet gives me.

(Some factors have the standard value and/or the formula to the right of the entry. Note that I have increased parasitic drag to account for an open cockpit and other bits and bobs hanging out.)

Crew weight 250 lbs
Fuel + baggage weight 50 lbs
A/C empty weight 350 lbs
Total weight 650 lbs

Stall speed (flaps up) Vs1 42 mph
Climb airspeed 54.6 mph
Climb airspeed 80.1 ft/sec
CLmax 1.5
CL at 1.3 Vs 0.89
Wing area required 96.0 ft²

Propeller efficiency at take-off 70 70%
Propeller efficiency in the climb 75 75%
Propeller efficiency in the cruise 85 85%
Cd (profile) 0.01 0.01
Cd (parasite) 0.03 0.015

Aspect ratio 6
Induced drag factor K 1.2
Wing span 24.0 feet
Mean wing chord 4.00 feet

Selected rated shaft power 35.0 BHP
Effective flat plate area 4.10 ft²
Take off run 523 feet
Rate of climb at 1.3 Vs 845 feet per minute

Max level speed 102 mph
Cruise speed at 75% power 92 mph
Cruise speed at 55% power 83 mph
Flaps up stall speed 42 mph
Glide descent rate at 1.3 Vs 488 feet per minute
I think something like this could be a lot of fun, perhaps designed for big and tall pilots and with optional doors for cold weather.
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don january

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Feb 10, 2015
After looking at the prints I think this plane would easily be built from square Alum tube other were the engine comes into play but even that doable. I would myself would not scale up to a two place but even that would be a mission accomplished. A VW pulled it around and heavier weight plane you'd have to bring up the HP but also the prop diameter. It is a unsung hero of a plane in my book.