First ideas for a mash-up homebuilt.


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Jul 8, 2021
Hello All,

After many months of analyzing many aircraft projects, I started to put together a list of what I liked of each one of them.

The resulting sketch seen here is a combination of elements from the following planes: J-1B (cabin), Cri-Cri MC 15 (twin-engines), PIK-26 (wings), and Airbus E-Fan (engines localization).
The objective is to have a Home-Depot airplane, mainly constructed from wood, with great visibility, and the possibility of different motorization options (IC, Jet, or Electric).

Its working name is "Short Bigeye MM-01", with the nickname of “Don Cri-xote.”

Now, starts the real project work of transforming this idea into a technical plan. I never built a real aircraft before. Only many RC models.
My goal is mainly to create the technical project and, later, build a large RC model for tests.

I will appreciate critiques and suggestions on major flaws or problems that one of you might catch based on the 3 views posted here.

Thank you all in advance!
MM-01 - 3 Views.jpg