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Dec 26, 2003
Taree Airport Australia
were you ever an Australian fast bowler named Merv ?
:D :gig: :D :gig:
No, but I probably weigh as much!!
Actually about ten years back I was often mistaken for a long distance runner named Rob D!! :ban:
Didn't catch you at Wagga, were you there?
Saw two Falco's there, the RED one and the PURPLE? one.
I eventually got home on the Monday. :eek:

Falco Rob

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Apr 8, 2004
Perth, Western Australia
No didn't make it to Wagga, was helping a friend move house . . . .sooo much more fun (?)

The red Falco is owned and was built by Drew Done - it took out best of show at Mangalore a couple of years ago.

The purple one is actually a sort of duck egg blue, built and owned by Dr Ian Ferguson - a very interesting guy who's owned numerous aircraft, including a Sia Marchetti SF 260, a cousin of the Falco. (designed by the same man, Stelio Frati)

Many years ago, when the SF260 needed some work done on the spar I think, Ian decided to return it to the factory in Italy and used a medical conference in London as an excuse to fly it there.

He dropped it off at the factory, went on to London commercially and then picked it up to fly it back to Oz a couple of weeks later. His story about transitting middle eastern airspace with a malfunctioning transponder is most entertaining.

Ian is in his seventies now but was still contemplating flying his Falco (with wife Juliet, also a Dr and pilot) to Osh this year via Japan, Russia and Alaska!

I think he left it too late to organise the logistics and they eventually went with Qantas, but he's not afraid to take that aeroplane absolutely anywhere. They've already been east - west and north - south of Australia, up to Papua New Guinea and across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand.

IMHO THAT is what building and owning your own aeroplane is all about.

People like Ian and Juliet are an inspiration to us all.
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