First applications of composite material in home built or GA aircraft

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Sep 9, 2014
Fundamentally, the OP's question in this thread comes down to the definition of "composite". If we are talking resin-infused-cloth, that's one thing, but if we are talking combinations of different materials that's another. Duramold and Aeromold and similar resin-infused wood systems are one branch, the laminated wood and cloth systems used in WWI planes like the Albatros are another, or even the plywood in concrete molds used in the early Loughead -- later Lockheed ;-) -- designs. There are were also some systems using aluminum bonded to plywood in WWII. Miles Aircraft were also experimenting with phenolic/asbestos and paper honeycomb with in an unsuccessful experimental sailplane as early as 1947.
Some Miles Magisters (WW2 trainers) had composite (resin-infused cloth) ribs in their tails feathers.