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Aug 30, 2006
St. Louis, MO, USA
No, I'm not full of horse-puckey, but I am stringing together a
couple of things from the FAA's draft flight plan. :para:

Here's the address for the survey:

The outline of the FAA's argument is this:
1. The number of people flying will dramatically increase over the
next few years (not sure I really believe this, but nobody seems to
argue against it)
2. ATC is using antiquated equipment (no argument there) and
antiquated procedures (sorry - don't believe that one) so they can't
handle much more traffic (errmmm, maybe if you didn't have a contract
fight going on and you hired some more controllers...)
3. Due to the above, delays and congestion will increase.
4. Technology is the solution! Nextgen will save us all!
5. But we don't have the money.
6. But if we had a "stable revenue stream" from user fees, then we
would either:
A. Have the money to fund Nextgen.
B. Have the ability to sell bonds to fund Nextgen because
investors don't like government bonds from a tax-funded department.

The missing piece is that ADS-B == NextGen (it's in the "flight plan"
that was recently made available on the site). So why do
they keep talking about NextGen? Because the "magic ADS-B box" costs
about $15,000. Yeah, the box is pretty cool... but I can't imagine
putting one in a Piper Cub... and the survey does include
some "fishing questions" about a mandated install...


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Feb 3, 2003
I participated.

Currently GA can get weather information from XM. This gives us more than we have ever had before at a reasonable price. That is the ADS-B competition in the weather arena.

As far as traffic awareness, it would be nice. I am not willing to fund the entire project with this nicety.

I am not willing to voluntarily comply when I know that current products are available that get the same job done for a reasonable price.

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Jul 29, 2005
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I like the concept of ADS-B but, as usual, the FAA has taken the most-expensive, least-useful route. ADS-B could have been as simple as a GPS receiver on every airplane, transmitting a position and ident to any other airplane in range, and a tiny little routine that just says, "Hey, that plane is getting kinda close, and it's over there" on a small display. Quite literally it's something that could be done as an app on any smartphone today, without a single piece of add-on hardware.

But no, we have to have expensive dedicated boxes and the system has to be rigged to preserve the validity of ground-based control, 'cause lord knows we can't make ATC largely irrelevant by letting pilots deconflict their own traffic quickly and easily without any aid from the ground at all.



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Apr 3, 2007
Guess the survey is over as I got a "404" when I used the above link.
Percy in SE Bama, USA
That's because the original post is from 5 years ago...


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