fiberglass wheel pants cowl wing tips

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Dec 27, 2004
three rivers mi..
Hi everybody summers over and we are back in the build mode.
three weeks ago got ok o cover from dar. EAA rep lowell farrand from northern Indiana and my EAA group came over to shop at campground for cookout and A/C inspection.When the buds all showed up the joke was what do we cook the burgers with the airplane or charcoal?
the inspection went well and hickory charcoal was primary fuel for burgers. I'm into fiberglass this winter,I've ordered glass material ,9Yd's each of lite bias and non bias glass have resin. I had a site(web that is)
that a young trooper working on the floor on hands and knees over stuffed garage stuffed garage, I'm to old for that knee thing . his photos and explanition were exellent but I lost the web site and can't find it to save my soul can any body help?