Few questions


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Nov 5, 2004
Christchurch, New Zealand

few questoins

Ch-100, is a single seater, scaled down versoin of the CH-200. Pic in gallery

was sitting in the Ch-100, we put te seat in, termporily, and i have quite lanky legs, i felt I was slightly cramped in the legs, Is there anyway I can get more room without Moving firewall.....and piss all room bhind the seat. .......I know its a bit of a stupid question, but You guy/gals might have a genius idea. I can put up wit it, but would be better with bit more leg space.

behind the seat/ my head there is a small cabin thing for gear, like about 1.5 - 2 cubic feet big. theres a tin cover thing to put across it, but we want to change it, and make it ply wood, with a small hole, so you can reach back and grab a drink or whatever when flying, got any ideas on this.....like anything, we should know, and ideas how to make it better, and tips, like on what u might do during the flight, that will make it easyier to grab stuff from behind you.



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Aug 25, 2004
Big bad New Zealand
best bet is probably to post up a pic of the plan, or an aircraft station diagram if you have one (can generally be found in the maintenance manual) and we'll all have a looksee and see if it can be done. pity you cant take to it with a skilly and add 5" or so to the fuse just behind the firewall. chances are you could do that without affecting your CofG limits and whatnot too much.

also, see if theres anyone around the Christchurch area thats got one of these Ch-100s, and go have a yarn to them. chances are that your not the first to come accross the lack of leg room issue. If it turns out to be an issue that cant be solved, you may just have to put up with it. The buzz of the flight will probably override the uncomfort for the hour or so that you'll be up.