Falconar SAL Mustang


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Apr 7, 2021
Hi, new to the forums and looking for information from some of you fine folks. Has anyone build or in the process of building a Falconar SAL Mustang? I am considering purchasing the plans from Manna Aviation but I have never built a plane before so this is all very new to me. I do have some practical skills being a qualified house builder so some things may transfer over, also I am lucky enough to have neighbour who is a racing boat builder so hoping he can help me out with the fibreglass requirements. I have a currently work as a commercial pilot with around 5000 hours but I have never flown a tail dragger. My questions are many but the main one's are; how hard is this aircraft to build from scratch? (I know that is like asking how long a piece of string is but some insight would be nice) and how hard is a SAL Mustang to fly? I would love to just purchase a kit for a t-51 but the upfront cost is out of my price range at the moment so this seems like a viable alternative. Am I dreaming? Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.
Good day, I purchased a set of two seat plans from falconar back in 2007 and just now getting around to starting.