Experimental Aircraft Oxygen Systems


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Oct 20, 2015
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I did the olde Google search of Experimental Air Oxygen Systems and it seems that there is not a great deal of information available online.

With that in mind I wanted to reach out to the information brain trust to see what you all have already researched on the subject of a canual based sub-FL180 supplemental oxygen system...

I am initially thinking of a two place system and I am not considering going above FL180 so hopefully if you all have researched systems that are designed for sub-FL180 and for two people or less...

-What experimental aircraft systems are currently available whether an installed system or a carry on system that hangs on the back of the seat?

-I have heard that people have used a commercially available home oxygen concentrator system and then used a compressor system to produce the compressed oxygen in O2 storage bottles for future use as opposed to using aviators breathing oxygen or welders oxygen?

-There is the electrical controlled pulse on demand systems that have a fancy panel mounted display and what is the benefit of that system verses some kind of a carry on mechanical/pneumatic system?

-What canula system do you recommend based on what systems worked for you and what systems did now (comfort/dilute demand/ economics)

As you can tell I am just in the very beginning stages of understanding these systems...

THANKS for your advice!!!
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