Exhaust ball joints


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Will Aldridge

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Oct 30, 2009
Northern Utah
Hey everyone, I'm going to be fabricating an exhaust system soon using 1 3/4" pipe and need some ball joints for it. I am looking for the kind that don't have the flange and bolts. I found that kind on ACS but if you know where to source what I'm asking for I'd appreciate it

An older gentleman is helping me with this project and someone just gave him an exhaust system off an RV3 that i think was for an o-320 or maybe an o-360. I'm not sure of the whole story but it's a pretty nice looking setup with the kind of ball joints I'm looking for and he's offering to cut it up to help me. He estimates it was at least $400 brand new. In any case it seems a shame to me to chop up something so nice so if anyone is interested and would pay a reasonable price for it or had some ball joints you'd be willing to trade for it I could get some pics and more info and see what could be worked out. If nothing else it'd be nice to get this guy some money since he's done a lot to help me out and refused any payment for his generous and expert help.
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