ESA Western Workshop 2020 Canceled

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Jul 29, 2005
Orange County, California
Hello all,

I believe it's been mentioned "unofficially", but here's the official post: The board of directors of the Experimental Soaring Association (ESA) has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 ESA Western Workshop in Tehachapi, California. A formal announcement was e-mailed to the membership last night. Yep, the reason is COVID-19 and the concern that our members cannot be kept safe, coupled with the continued prohibition against gatherings such as ours by the state government. Either situation may change, but planning for the event and ordering of things such as chairs, tables, and portable toilets normally start about now, and we know that, right now, we can't hold an event. In the unlikely event that the outbreak and state restrictions should change significantly for the better, an announcement will be posted here, and e-mailed to the membership.

To answer the likely question: Yes, I broached the idea of doing either a "virtual" conference via Zoom, Google Meet, or other video service, or simply having speakers submit a video presentation for the ESA YouTube Channel. Neither proposal was adopted.

ESA fully intends to have a 2021 workshop, conditions permitting, and I hope you'll come out and see what the ESA has to offer in terms of research, development, and just good airplane times.

I'll be happy to answer any on-topic questions, to the best of my ability.