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    Finally got rid of a 40' container of equipment I had been holding for a customer....started cleaning up and reorganizing so as to get the Hawk to floor level so that I can get some work done on it. My engine rebuild table has been the resting spot for my A-65 Continental and it was going to have to get moved. While pulling out "stuff" which I just could not scrap or trash, I came across a frame that had been welded up to hold a vacuum motor. In looking at it, I realized that it would be perfect to hold the A-65, using the prop flange as a mount. Wide base, steel frame, and found two blanks of a high strength Birch plywood a friend uses to make amp/speaker cases from. Will get my hole saw this PM and Monday will have a nice engine mount for about no cost. Look around your shop, what can be repurposed for aviation purposes? Just make sure the wife is OK with it, re-purposing the dining room table for a workbench may draw some flak! enginerest.jpg

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