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Ellison EFS-2

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Mike Stewart

Well-Known Member
Oct 11, 2010
San Diego, CA
I'm posting this for a hangar neighbor, Dr. "Doc" McCalister. Doc bought this from another hangar neighbor some years back with the intention of using it on one of his vehicles. It's sat in his hangar ever since and is not going to ever use it. I haven't examined it but I'm sure it's in the same condition it was in when he bought it. The person he bought it from said it was in excellent condition when sold to Doc. Further inquiry needs to be with Doc, the current owner. He wants $500 for it. It's the EFS-2, a pretty rare item once Ellison discontinued that model.

Doc's phone number is (619) 244-4015. He lives in San Diego, based at KSEE.
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