EFIS Choices


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New Member
Nov 23, 2006
Minneapolis area
Hi All, I'm a new member and just wanted to put in my two cents worth as to the choice in EFIS's. One very important thing to consider is whatever EFIS you choose for your project,make sure the EFIS is compatable with the other avuinics you plan on installing in your homebuilt. I run into this problem daily as I work for Steinair and build instrument panels for all kinds of experimental aircraft.
For free info on EFIS compatability and installation, if one chooses,give Stein a call. It might just save a hassle for you. We'd of course like to have your business, but offer consultation services for no charge.If you go to the Steinair Website take a look at the bronze instrument panel for the Storch. That one's mine, however, I'm giving serious thought to installing a Dynon EFIS and EMS instead of the steam guages. Good luck in your projects. freflite