EEL ULF-2 - Hugo Meiland - The Netherlands

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Jan 12, 2018
Leiden, The Netherlands
Hi all,

After dreaming for almost a decade and making my first small steps about a year ago by ordering a drawing; 2018 will be the year when the real project will start for me. Just before Christmas I've been able to take over a started project of the ULF-2 from a very nice gentleman in Germany. And after a full day of driving all the wood, the engine, a set of rib-formers and the tailplane and elevator are moved. Unfortunately NL is not too flexible on amateur building, so I will be doing a lot of paperwork and getting through the right hoops before I'm able to actually start building, but that's all part of the deal...
I'll try to update this log as my primary site and would love some feedback from you all on the questions I'll be posting in the different area's...
Some background on myself: IT person for the day-job, doing quite a bit of traveling around the northern European region; Glider pilot in my free time, and at the moment working on my glider technician certification. And not to forget: a 8-year old boy and the misses at home that also require some attention; this will not be a short build ;)