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Jun 28, 2022
Airplane | eBay Cresson, Texas

Glasair 1 | eBay Ball, Louisiana
I visited with the Tony, the owner of the Comp Air project. He is moving and needs to let go of the project, he bit off more than he could chew even though he is an experienced pilot and an engineer for Lockheed. This is a large and powerful plane, as homebuilts go, with plenty of payload. Similar to a Cessna 182 in performance and type. He bought all the options with the kit and has made some progress, but he estimates another 500 hours by a competent builder to finish (with some help as closing the wings is a 4 man job). The motor that's in the plane is an aluminum small block Chevy, with a gear reduction unit sitting in a custom mount. He is willing to sell that as well but only to someone who "knows what they are getting". The company that offered these engines shut down when the owner killed himself flying one of them, that does not bode too well. There is a separate mount for a Lycoming O360. The issues he encountered with the Chevy conversion are purported cooling problems, which he believes he fixed by redesigning the coolant plumbing and installing 2 radiators per side. To accommodate this motor, he built a jig to make a mould for a custom engine cowling. The jig is included but that's as far as he got. If one went back to the Lycoming, you would have to buy a cowling from Comp Air as the one that came with the plane got damaged. The gear reduction unit was made by a company that is no longer in business, the owner retired. There is some issue with the design of that as well, has to do with lubrication by shared engine oil instead of separate gear oil. I think he said he got that figured out as well. The motor has twin Haltech ECUs. Avionics are just the basic gauges. This aircraft could be configured as a taildragger as well. The company that sold them, Comp-Air, seems to be in business based in FL but they did not respond to an email from me. I did not buy the plane as I don't have the facility, the time or the assistance that would be needed to finish it. I would be willing to go down this path with a partner though. not for lack of money but for lack of confidence and man-years left. I am 66 and located in Brownwood TX.


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Sep 3, 2021
Maybe someone can put it on the $15,000 BD-5 project that's also listed on evilbay. Dennis


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Sep 8, 2012
Tempe, AZ
Wow, what’s up with that? At first, I thought you were joking about the trailer wheel in the background, but then I zoomed into the prop and saw what you were really talking about.
Apparently, this isn’t an anomaly.


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