Does anyone here have dimensions for the Suzuki G13?

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Jun 2, 2016
I'm looking for an engine to swap into my Roketa's not a plane, but this forum seems to have a wealth of this kind of information and I'm struggling to find it elsewhere. This buggy originally came with a Suzuki F8B, but it's worn some oil rings and valve seals and it's just not got enough oomph for my's also hard to just go to the local stores and buy parts for. Time to upgrade.

My prospective engines are a G10/5 speed from a '96 Metro or a SOHC 16v G13BB. The G10 is close, dimensionally, to the F8B, and it's a fairly simple engine so swapping it in won't be too much trouble.

The G13BB is more interesting because of the 25 extra horsepower and because it has an automatic transmission...not everyone's favorite, but I like crawling over rocks and I'm hoping that making it easier to drive will gain my wife's interest. My problem here is I'm not sure the engine will fit between my shocks and keep the differential spool centered (I would like to keep equal length axles). That's the measurement I really need...

If I were to center my differential spool (again, equal axle lengths), how much room do I need off to the side to fit the motor?