Does a Rotax 586 exist?

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Rob de Bie

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Feb 7, 2021
I'm researching the General Atomics Gnat 750, the UAV from around 1990 that can be seen as the predecessor of the Predator. Only a few were built, and the available data is very limited. Usually the Rotax 532 and 582 are reported to be installed, and I can find plenty on these engines: spare parts, photos, manuals, and on and on.

However, 'Jane's Unmanned Aircraft' issue 0 reports a Rotax 586 for the Gnat. If I search on that, almost all web pages report that it's the engine installed in the Sagem Sperwer, a French UAV. But I don't see any photos, spare parts, manuals, etc. That makes me wonder whether this engine actually exists. The Sperwer engine, in the very photos that I can find of the engine, looks a lot like a 532 or 582. So maybe 586 was a misprint that gets repeated over and over?

Since many homebuilts have Rotax engines, maybe someone here can answer this question?