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Jul 15, 2020
His oxygen concentrator idea to replace the pressurization will also go nowhere when he sees the actual technical limitations of doing that at high altitudes.
I was wondering about those. I have one (really for home medical use) and was interested in how it worked at altitude. I know there are some 'aviation grade' alternatives but they look to operate on the same principles? What are the technical limitations of these devices to elevate our present pilot limits of 12,500 to say 17,500? Its a nice place to fly as nobody is up at those alts.

As for the rest of the NG well that debate is long over certainly regarding electric anything for something weighing >4000#.


At least in the old Moller inspired days we actually had silly concepts that had decent ducted fan pressure loadings. Not to mention cool 'T' tails that at least were big enough to put your coffee cup on when you were outside admiring your machine.


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Oct 6, 2021
Our innovator is ignoring the important by product of his concentrator.

The nitrogen could be useful for inerting the fuel tanks to minimize the fireballs during "landings".


Nov 27, 2015
Dayton, OH
Out of all his "promises" he fulfilled only one .... a very roomy cockpit.


And that came with all the consequences you would expect: drag. Any airplane manufacturer could make a 5-seat plane with a 60"+ cabin if they want. They just don't because they understand the performance hit isn't gonna be worth the room. Better to just make the plane longer and add a 3rd row if you want more than 4 seats

I stopped watching around the time I found out the prototype of the 1800lb plane was actually 2900lbs, but I never got the impression that the actual fuel burn numbers were anything like what he was originally promising. I wonder how much he was burning just keeping that tub in the air.