Corby Starlet CJ-1


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Jan 12, 2016
Ontario on the bay
While waiting around for a set of Thatcher CX5 plans to arrive, I hit upon an ad up here on Kijiji (a Canadian only Craigslist type buy/sell site. I emailed the guy a couple weeks ago to find out a bit about his Corby Starlet project he was selling at an awesome price. The reason he was selling was he was just tired. 79 years young, having already built 8 planes, he was just wanting to fly his RV6. The picture below is not the actual project but is 100% representative of it. Pieces were scattered about his basement, and garage. Entire airframe complete and covered with plywood, all control surfaces complete. All control cables done. All the slide back canopy ready to fit on track and all wingtip and tail feathers tips installed. Wheel pants ready to put on once the gear is back on.
So, basically, I have to cover fuselage with lightweight Dacron and use the 2.7 oz Dacron on wings and tail feathers. He had a AeroVee 2.1 (he bought the kit 2 years ago) all put together ready to hang on mount.
Instrument panel complete with MGL EIS, airspeed, bubble, and alt. Fuel pump, fuel press regulated.
i passed on the AeroVee, not because of price, which was awesome, but I just wanted a little bit more investigation on it.
Oh, I bought it. He was second owner. The first owner is a machinist and made all the fittings. So it is about a 6 year old project. As soon as snow clears, I'll go back and pick it up and bring to its new garage. Everything was hung up out of the way and told me to take my time.

Heres a story in the RAA magazine about Don. Starts on page 4 and couple of pics on page 8 with the project.

http://www.raa.ca/magazine_pdf/Nov-Dec 2013 proof REV.pdf