Clearer Radio Transmissions

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Jun 23, 2005
West Texas
If you are getting a lot of engine and/or wind noise in your radio transmissions, I found this simple way to improve your sound. First, remeove the foam mic cover. Then wrap the mic with many layers of cloth masking (chafe) tape... then put the foam cover back on, or use a layer of soft cloth so it doesn't feel sticky on your lips.

I found that all the wind and engine noise from my open cockpit U/L was saturating the overly sensitive mic on my headset. The chafe tape decreases all the sound entering the mic, including your voice. Then you just talk louder to get your voice sounds back up to normal, but the noise sounds are greatly attenuated.

I tried different types of cloth and rubber for muffling mediums. Some distort the sound. Ordinary cloth works. But you have to use so many layers to get much effect, the mic gets too big. The chafe tape is easy to use, and works best.

I also found it helps to turn the "side tone" function on, so you can hear yourself. It uses up your battery a little faster, but at least you know what your transmissions sound like.

I don't know if this applies to all radio or headset combinations.