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Cavalier SA 102

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Mike Stewart

Well-Known Member
Oct 11, 2010
San Diego, CA
I'm helping a hangar neighbor sell his plane. Doug is retired Navy, mid-80's & has kept this plane shipshape for 28 years. Complete logs & maintenance history. It's currently Day/Night VFR, IFR capable, and with some checks and a sign off it could be IFR certified. It's an antiquated panel but it's all there. It's amazing such a capable airplane can be had for 11.5K. The bulletproof 0-235 Franklin that's in it was new 1200 hours ago and considering how well it's been kept is probably good for another 1200 before anything major needs doing. I don't know what the compression numbers are but if anyone is interested I'll have those numbers soon. We are currently waiting on the A&P who has done the annuals on this plane for 28 years to fit us in - so the plane comes with a fresh annual (condition inspection).

Nothing like a taildragger to develop fundamental flying skills and there's nothing like having your own plane for building hours. This plane is a gentle critter, based on a 1949 French type-certificated design called a GY-20 Minicab. The Cavalier is an improved version of that, licensed in the Experimental category. This is a great opportunity for a low-time pilot intent on a career in aviation to buy a time-builder. For a small portion of what you'll end up spending using flight school equipment you can have your own plane to build VFR/IFR hours then sell it down the road. If not damaged, it'll always be worth the 11.5K the owner is asking for it. As with all Experimentals, it would be good if the new owner has some mechanical aptitude for doing their own maintenance. If lacking aptitude or time, your local A&P will have no trouble keeping up with this one.

We've got it on Barnstormers currently. Go to the site and type "Cavalier" (without quotes) in the search box. Text from the ad is below. If interested, call me at (619) 449-5145 or email me at [email protected]

CAVALIER SA 102 • $11,500 • FLY RIGHT NOW • Cavalier SA 102. TT 1200 A&E. Franklin Sport 4A (O-235) 1200 TTSN, 125 HP. RT385A Nav/Com. RT359A Transponder/encoder. Full panel w vacuum system. 27 Gallons total, twin tanks.. 5 GPH cruise. Current annual. Conplete logs with no damage history. Flown regularly for 28 years with the same owner. Always hangared. Good condition. Located KSEE. Will deliver for expenses. $11,500. Owner: Doug Robertson, (858) 277-8578 • Contact Mike Stirewalt, Friend of Owner - located Santee, CA USA • Telephone: 619 449-5145

The aircraft is hangared at Sky Harbor Hangars at Gillespie Field (KSEE), El Cajon, CA.

All wood with fabric covering - in the tradition of Bellanca, Jodel, Emeraude, Barracuda, DH Mosquito, many others. Doug bought it in 1987 and has had it in his hangar at SEE since then. Before that, for 253 hours, it was hangared at Whiteman and before that Compton, both in L.A. & environs. So it's always been in a dry climate and always been hangared.

There is a Google Groups site devoted to the Cavalier: It gives some history, the various permutations of the design, pictures and videos, etc.


It really occurred to me when I offered to help Doug with this that it would be a perfect plane for someone throwing their money at a flight school to invest some of it in something to build hours and also to enjoy doing their own maintenance and improvements thus learning new skills in the process. It'd be great too for someone downsizing from something expensive, reducing their aviation overhead. Someone willing to take a hit in speed in return for no more $1500 annuals.

For this kind of money what one usually finds are basket cases that need some level of restoration - but this is a ready-to-go airplane. Doug isn't going to fly anymore and he's just looking to find it a good home so he can eliminate his hangar rent which, at this point, is just wasted money. It gives him a place to hang out, but he's getting tired of that too.

Doug says cruise is 125-130 MPH at 5 GPH. Email or call me for additional pictures, copies of logs, or any questions.

If someone comes to look at this plane and decides they want it, I will be happy to deliver the plane to the new location, payment not due until it's safely parked in your hangar.


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