carb adjustments for Mosler CB-40 on a Mini Max

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Jan 13, 2011
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Propane or butane will also work for finding intake leaks.

And a recent post in FlyCorvair was about troubleshooting an engine down on power at full throttle. To make a long story short, the cam timing was off. Camshaft vs crankshaft was at least one tooth out. I don't know of any way to check this short of cracking the case, but better mechanics than I might be able to figure it out. Fixing it WILL require cracking the case if that is indeed the problem. Here is the thread in question, the answer is way down in the comments WW Flycorvair : “Question for my mechanics, and my mechanics only, cone heads

"I stuck my finger in the oil filler hole, put my finger on the intake rocker, and watched for 21 degrees btdc when the rocker flinched. It was wrong by one tooth, confirmed by taking 5th bearing off." You could do something similar with a 1/2 VW, and I think Bob Hoover has post about cams that has the opening and closing cam timing of a stock VW cam. On a Corvair, one tooth was worth about 7 degrees of cam timing, I'd have to check the VW Tech manual to find out how many teeth in a VW cam gear to see what that number would be. In this Corvair mystery, the cam gear itself was mis-marked.

Kim Brown

Jan 13, 2020
Running after the valve work on one side was not noticeably different, started a little easier, actually felt like more compression, not sure of static rpm as we are now getting discrepancies with a Tiny Tach and an expensive light reading tach. We are still running lean and have not found significant air leaks using starter fluid rather than dw-40, may have one small one, working on it tomorrow.