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Cantilever Internal Braced Fabric Covered Wing


Well-Known Member
Feb 19, 2012
Do we have examples of aircraft with Cantilever Internal Braced Fabric Covered wings......I see lots of internal braced fabric wings with struts and twin spars like the Piet. I am looking for examples of double drag wire system for torsional stiffness.....I think it is the a set of drag and anti-drag wires attached at the middle of the spars at the compression ribs.....I can see how that would stop the assembly for "racking" but am sketchy about torsion unless there are 4 wires attaching the tops of the spars together and the bottoms together, but I have not seen that.....so I must be missing something.....This would be a wing with no D-nose just spars ribs small about of aluminum at the LE to form the fabric and internal bracing wires. Am thinking the outer portion past the strut attach of maybe the Kolb or some such........throw out some names,,,,, thanks in advance.