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Oct 20, 2014
Independence, Missouri / USA
Thinking of selling or parting out my Breezy ... just doesn't get flown enough. 8.5 years of evenings and weekends and other life stuff getting in the way during that time. TIG welded frame and parts. High tail as seen in pictures along with larger (more area) tail feathers w/ dual wires. Lycoming O-320-E2D that was rebuilt by Barrett Precision in Tulsa, OK., Catto 66”x45” 3-blade prop, Dakota Cub PA-18 Squared off wings without flaps., 18 gallon wing tanks, fiberglass wing tips, Trig TY91 Comm, Trig TT22 Xpdr, Trig TN72 ADS-B, UMA 1.25” engine instruments, 3.125” Altimeter, 3.125” Air Speed, 3.125” VSI, 2.25”Tach, 3.125” Precision Compass, 3.125" True-Trak Attitude Indicate w/ Heading Feature & servo (wing leveler), AK-451 ELT 121.5/243/406, storage area under rear seat, storage box also behind rear seat, nose pod, front wheel fender, main gear wheel pants … lot of other stuff … Aveo Engineering Navigation / Position / Strobe LED light, LED Taxi & Landing light (left wing), AirWolf Remote oil filter, Stewart oil cooler, remote emergency fuel shutoff valve, Andair main fuel valve – Left-Right-Both-Off, Grove 600x6 main wheels & brakes, axles and master cylinder, Grove 500x5 nose wheel, Cessna HD nose fork & axle - PM for exact pricing --- depending on the parts you would like $200 up to $65k--- NO TRADES OR SWAPS. --- located 4MO4 Liberty Landing Airport - Missouri City, Missouri.


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