BREAKING NEWS! Complete Exhaust Stack Re-Design

Discussion in 'Chevy' started by TXFlyGuy, Nov 27, 2019.

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    Here is what we have learned...

    There is a major loss of power, both torque, and horsepower, using the Titan short stack exhaust. This starts to occur at 3000 rpm and above. Hutter Performance was really scratching their heads on this one, and it is purely due to the design. Titan purposely blocked off part of the exhaust port in order to reduce the power output from the LS3.

    After a long conversation with Trevor (Hutter Performance), and Ron Dalin, we have decided to fabricate an all new exhaust, with the correct port sizing to match the exhaust manifold. In addition, Trevor wants to increase the diameter of the pipes, and add just a little extension from the current length.

    As the Titan exhaust is actually a but undersized, we feel the new design will actually improve the looks from a cosmetic standpoint.

    And Trevor is certain that we can regain a good amount of the lost power from the LS3. Hutter will be making an all new stainless steel exhaust. And keeping it true to appearance for a P-51 look.

    The increase in power will allow us to cruise at altitude at a reduced rpm setting, while still getting the power we desire. This will result in added engine longevity, quieter cockpit, and reduced fuel burn. If you want to go all out, and race your Mustang, having the high performance exhaust is what you will want. If you want to fly at slower rpm settings, and still have good power, the high performance exhaust is what you want.

    Anyone currently flying a T-51 Mustang with an LS3 might want to look into this.
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