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Jul 7, 2003
Well I bought an RX 7 about a month ago, and I love it.:ban:
I am looking at putting one in my design, and knowing next to nothing about them, I figured it would be a good idea to see what they are like.
My car has a stock 12a, and goes like a rocket.
The first thing you will notice about a rotary is how smooth it is, no vibration. Below about 3500RPM there isnt alot of power, however after that it pulls and just keeps pulling (right through redline if you dont watch it):D .
Around town it guzzles the fuel abit, no worse than a V8, but on the freeway, the fuel economy was exceptional. I started to think my fuel guage wasnt working. I was getting nearly 12km/L.
It seems that the constant revs of the freeway agree with the rotary much more than the stop start of the city.
The rotory in my design is looking pretty definate.
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