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Parts For Sale BMW 1150 engine

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May 16, 2012
southern ontario canada
Selling a BMW 1150cc engine from a 2006 RT model. Will fit other years and sub models. Intended to be installed in a new aircraft.

Fuel injected, Dual spark plug model

Engine was removed from a running bike that suffered frame damage.

The engine had 8500(miles) on it originally, and has been rebuilt for aviation with zero running time.

Alternator belt
Oil pump system
Timing Chains
Chain Guides
Chain Tensioners
Piston rings
Crankshaft inspected by licensed technician
Every single bearing from the crank and out replaced
All new engine bolts/hardware
New Complete valve train and seats done by licensed technician
Heads inspected
Cylinders inspected and resurfaced
All new gaskets and “BMW approved case sealant”.

All new parts purchased from Max BMW Motorsports.
Service inspections done by Seifker Performance.

Comes with:
Exhaust header
ECM computer
Oil cooler
Throttle bodies with new injectors
Fuel injector rail
Partially separated harness for aviation purposes

Small chips on left side cylinder fins (pictured).

What it needs:
For aircraft - your own custom air box, wiring harness completed, and a PSRU

$1,600 CDN. Willing to crate and ship at buyer’s expense. I am also able to cross the border into the US and ship from there which lowers shipping costs astronomically.