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Dec 25, 2015
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The scenario in which the Japanese military and political leadership actually listened to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto and other senior Japanese admirals who opposed the Tripartite Act of alliance with Nazi German and Fascist Italy and warned against war with the United States might have resulted in a very different world today. Would the U.S. have entered the war without the attack on Pearl Harbor to galvanize public opinion? We'll never know, thank goodness, but the prospect is very scary.

Getting back to airplanes, I have always like the lines of the Fiat CR series biplanes especially the final CR.42. I would not want a replica of a Fascist Italian military aircraft, but they were also used by Sweden and, as you can see, Belgium.

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With Japan? Possibly not, although the isolationists were much more willing to go to war in places other than Europe; their policy of non-involvement didn't include South or Central America, Mexico, and there was a lot of bad feeling between the US and Japan over China, in which the US was heavily involved. Twenty-four years later, with a more isolationist president, the kaiser's Germany managed to get the US involved. I predict that the US would be at war with Germany no later than mid-1942